Animal Welfare Bundle

The Animal Welfare bundle aims to effectively improve the well-being of nonhuman animals, by focusing on:

  • Relatively neglected geographic regions or groups of animals

  • Promising research into animal advocacy or animal well-being

  • Activities that could make it easier to help animals in the future

Animal welfare is a hugely important area due to its scale and neglectedness.

Annually, hundreds of billions of vertebrate animals are subject to factory farming. Roughly 75 billion terrestrial farmed animals are raised and slaughtered each year, as well as tens of billions of farmed fish. Farmed invertebrate animals (for example, shrimp and lobsters) may number in the trillions.

Many experts now agree that numerous species of animals are very likely conscious and capable of feeling pain. Industrial animal agriculture likely causes extreme suffering over the course of animals’ lives.

The field of animal welfare only receives a few percent of total charitable donations, with most of that money going to the comparatively few companion animals in shelters. This leads to some groups of animals being highly neglected in relation to their numbers and likely capacity for suffering. This bundle exists to help those animals, through strategies such as supporting animal welfare groups worldwide, reforming corporate policies, and conducting alternative protein (sometimes called ‘clean meat’) research. 

The charities in the Animal Welfare bundle are relatively low-risk and heavily influenced by the work of Open Philanthropy, Farmed Animal Funders, and Animal Charity Evaluators. You could 100x your impact by contributing to these less “mainstream” animal welfare giving options.

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