About Us

Effective Crypto is a place for those who have benefited from the enormous success of crypto to give back. While lots of charities accept crypto donations, Effective Crypto is the only crypto-focused donation website that ruthlessly focuses on helping you maximize the impact of your donations. We’re inspired by effective altruism, a global community of people using research and evidence to do the most good.

Effective Crypto is a project of Effective Altruism Funds, a donation platform for maximising the impact of your donations. Since 2017, Effective Altruism Funds has moved nearly $80 million (including over $17 million worth of crypto) to organizations and researchers working on the world’s most pressing problems. Meet the EA Funds team.


We believe giving crypto should be easy and effective. 

Effective Crypto is a platform where you can donate to expert-curated philanthropic ‘bundles’ to maximise the effectiveness of your charitable donations.

Existing crypto donation platforms tend to go for breadth – focusing on enabling donations to thousands or even millions of different charities. We take a different approach: instead of offering endless options, we focus on supporting charities that we believe are among the best in the world. Most people think that all charities have roughly the same impact, but in reality, the best giving opportunities can be hundreds or thousands of times more impactful than others.

There is a huge opportunity for crypto to do good. 

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently noted that if Bitcoin reaches a price of $200,000 per coin, more than half the world’s billionaires would be crypto billionaires. 

As 4156 of Nouns DAO called out:

"Crypto-natives increasingly have the power and capital to have a positive impact in the real world, but to date, most of the real world ‘signals’ people have seen from us are not so compelling. Crypto-outsiders may not understand the machinations of the cryptoverse, but they do understand the real-world fallout. If crypto imparts us with capital-aggregating superpowers, and we only use these superpowers to buy Rolex watches and lavish trips to Dubai, the outside world will reject [the crypto community and its visions for the future] (and rightly so)."

With enormous wealth comes enormous responsibility. You can actually do incredibly impactful things with the crypto you own. Donating to charity is a great start. Donating to the most effective charities (often dedicated to problem areas that are important, tractable, and neglected) is even better. Let Effective Crypto help you help others!

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To contact the EA Funds team, you can use the blue chat icon in the bottom-right corner of any page on the site:

Alternatively, send us an email at crypto@effectivealtruism.org.