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Effective Crypto offers expert-advised bundles of high-impact donation options that can be 100x more effective than typical charities. The crypto community has the potential to do incredible good. Help lead the way!

Your one-stop shop to donate crypto effectively

Give to our expert-advised bundles, collections of the highest-impact charities around some of the world’s most pressing problems. Skip the time-consuming research to figure out what cause areas are most important, which charities are legit, and how charities compare against each other. Many people in the Effective Altruism community spend their lives thinking about the optimal allocation of philanthropic dollars; you can read the careful and transparent reasoning of the experts at EA Funds on their website.


Select a bundle

Choose from five expert-advised philanthropic bundles, each composed of the highest-impact charities in a given cause area.


Edit your allocation

Spit your donation evenly across the charities in your bundle, or give more to your favorites. You can also add/remove charities.


Select your crypto

We support over 150+ coins, at any donation level, all around the world.



Transfer your crypto, confident that you’re doing the most good you can.

Why donate with Effective Crypto?

High-impact donation options

Donate to any of the five advised philanthropic bundles and have freedom to edit charities / reallocate your donation, knowing all options are high impact.

150+ cryptocurrencies

We accept donations in all popular cryptocurrencies, plus a wide range of tokens and altcoins.*

No fees

We don’t charge any additional processing fees (most other platforms charge 1-5%+)

Donations of any size

We’re able to process donations of any size, from as little as $10, to as much as you want. Get in touch with us for donations valued over $500,000.

Available worldwide

Donate from anywhere in the world. Donations are tax-deductible in the US, the UK, and the Netherlands.

* Some coins are not available to US donors for legal reasons. Please contact us if your coin of choice isn’t supported.

It’s unclear what the legacy of crypto and the extraordinary wealth it has generated will be by 2030. You can help decide that.

Don’t want to make a donation right now?

If you plan on making your donations later this year, we can remind you about Effective Crypto.

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"Some charities do 100x more good than others. If you’re smart about it, you can have a huge impact. Effective Crypto makes the best giving opportunities available to everyone."

- Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX

Our philosophy: Effective Altruism

Effective Crypto and our donation process was designed according to the philosophy of effective altruism: an impact-focused approach to charity that uses evidence and reason to do the most good. There are too many problems in the world and we have a limited amount of money, time, and other resources. In order to improve the world as much as we can, we must focus on the most promising solutions to the most pressing problems.

To learn more, check out this Crypto and Effective Altruism panel event hosted by FTX last year. Some of the biggest names in crypto and effective altruism, including Sam Bankman-Fried and Vitalik Buterin, discuss the impact the crypto community can achieve with its giving. 

Help us build a norm of effective giving as the crypto community grows!

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